Did you know that the 5 basic commands we teach dogs in obedience classes have meaning behind them that goes far beyond what they appear to be on the surface. By teaching your dog the five major commands… heel, down, stay, sit and come you are setting your self up to have a well behaved dog that looks to you as a mentor.

Something interesting takes place when a dog starts to listen to those commands. It shapes how the dog looks at you and begins to define you in your dogs eyes as the leader. Each of those commands has a different psychological effect when used on a regular basis. They speak to your dog on their own level and in a language they understand.

And it’s not that we’re trying to dominate our dogs for nothing more than to be dominant. That’s not what we’re trying to do, but by using the four basic commands, especially ‘down’ and ‘stay’ we subtly take on a leadership role in a way that our dog accepts and we become the dominant one in the relationship because they give us that role willingly when they see we are capable of handling the responsibility of being the leader.

If you’re having trouble with your dog listening, try going back to basics and work on your dogs on-leash listening in distracting places until they start to prioritize listening to you where it should be… at the top of the list!

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