What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

Thank you so much for all your help with Polly and Moose.

Ray Romano

Thank you for your help with Bessie, Thumbelina, Charity, Tinker Bell, and Tulip. They are all doing so much better now. I never thought I could get all of them house broken… it’s amazing.

Paula Abdul

Duane helped me train my rescue pup over the phone. His approach to training was so effective – imagine what he can do in person with your dog!

Mary Alongi

He changed my dogs’ behavior overnight, literally. He is absolutely amazing, kind, and caring. My dogs are now a well-mannered social pack that I can take with me on location without fear of bad behavior. Duane is amazing. 

Laurie Goldstein

I thought my dogs would never stop pulling,  but Duane got our unruly dogs in line and made walking them a pleasurable experience. He also got my maladjusted Labrador to socialize much better. Duane is the best!

April Grossinger

Duane is an excellent dog trainer, and he relates well to the owners.

Steven Sapkin

I’ve known Duane in his professional capacity as a dog trainer for almost 10 years. I highly recommend Duane, and have referred numerous clients to him with positive results.

Dr. Mary Sherman, DVM

Duane is amazing! He has worked with four of our dogs, and we’ll hire him for our new puppy. We’ve tried other trainers and none compare to Duane.

Tiffany B.

Our beautiful pet was crazy hyper and didn’t want to listen, but Duane taught us how to work with our shepherd mix and with his guidance, she now listens and is the best dog. I highly recommend Duane for dog training.

Tara Katibah

I’ve always been a cat person so when I fell in love with my newborn puppy, Poke, I had absolutely no idea how to care for and train my newfound BFF. Enter my friend, Duane Overturf. Poke was almost a year old and had some very bad habits. But, in the first hour we spent with Duane, Poke learned three important commands: sit, down and no. Duane explained how dogs learn and the best ways to reinforce what Poke already knew.

I can truthfully say Poke has gone way beyond my expectations. No longer jumping on everyone he sees, he minds me when I say “no” and he comes when I call to him. He’ll sit on command and loves to shake. He’s still having trouble with the command “stay” but we’re working on it!

Duane makes sure that not only the dog learns, but also the owner, so that the relationship between the two becomes very strong. I highly recommend Duane Overturf for anything relating to canine behavior and training.

Charlene Gellar

Thanks for your help with our little guy, Runner, the miniature poodle. I thought we would never get him walking on a leash. He would sit down and refuse to budge with all the might of his 12 pounds! It was miraculous how you got him going after just one session. Now he walks perfectly on his leash and we are converts to your dog training methods.

Kiara & Wendy Gellar

I first met Duane more than 15 years ago when he came to my home to train my dog, Jumbuck. He turned out to be one of the best dogs I’ve ever had in terms of obedience and reliability. About two years later Duane came again to train Jumbuck’s companion. He has a knack for getting dogs to relax and he makes training enjoyable. He is reliable, thorough, and I enjoyed working with him.

Johanne Zell

I signed up for a group class with Duane, and I highly recommend him for your dog training needs! Duane always had a great attitude! His handling of each dog was consistent and with a gentle authority. It’s clear he knows what he’s doing. It amazed me how quickly all the dogs responded to his commands. Duane had total control of each situation.

Behaviors such as barking, chewing, digging – Duane’s training techniques conquered each one. He made dog training look easy! I was extremely impressed with how well all the owners and dogs did by the end of the sessions. And after the course whenever I had a question, Duane took the time to walk me through the problem step by step, making sure I was confident I could handle the situation before hanging up the phone. Duane is an outstanding dog trainer!

Laura Digilio

We cannot thank you enough for the incredibly effective training you gave Sierra, our Siberian husky. Now we can enjoy camping with her, taking her on an awesome beach trip, and lots of off-leash walks. Now she adds so much joy to our lives instead of constant frustration. Thanks so much!

The Rishell Family

Duane Overturf speaks dog!
He is an excellent dog trainer and a really great guy. I highly recommend Duane for all your dog training needs. He has helped me with several of my dogs including Baldwin, who became the #1 Puli in agility in America. The obedience we learned with Duane helped Baldwin excel in agility and everything he did, including visiting children in the hospital as a therapy dog.

Susan Hartzler

Our beagle puppy, Bandit, used to run out the front door every time we opened it, jump on our table and eat our dinner before we could get to it, and growl at us when we tried to discipline him. We knew we needed professional help with his training. I researched and interviewed several trainers, and chose Duane because he made us and our dog feel comfortable from the first time we met him.

He came over once a week and trained me how to train my dog. It didn’t take long before Bandit walked beside me for off-leash walks, and was a perfect member of our household. Thank you, Duane, for helping Bandit become a happy, well-behaved dog!

Monique Klarich

I can’t imagine a better partner to help a dog to become a well-mannered member of the family. Duane is a magician! He worked with me to train Mystic when she was a pup, and now at 13 years old people still marvel at how well-behaved she is. Duane is patient and has so much experience and knowledge. This is not the typical group training from your local big box pet store. It is personal, one-on-one, and customized to the specific needs of the client and dog. 

Amber T

Duane trained my golden retriever Jacob and me several years ago. The reason I say he trained both of us is because he gives you the tools to continue training on your own. I had five private sessions with Duane, and Jacob has become the most well trained dog I’ve ever had. It was totally worth the investment! Duane is knowledgeable, patient and kind, yet assertive when necessary. I will definitely hire Duane again in the future.

Sharon Cohen

Thank you so very much for the training and good advice for Maggie and me. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. I enjoyed the process, and will continue with the lessons that we learned from you. You are a very special person, as well as a wonderful trainer. I would definitely recommend you.

Jackie Ross