Thank you for your help with Bessie, Thumbelina, Charity, Tinker Bell, and Tulip. They are all doing much better now.… it’s amazing.

Paula Abdul

For a Calm, Well-Behaved, More Obedient Dog Tomorrow… Call Duane Today!

When you choose Duane Overturf at Your Best Companion, any problem behaviors you’re experiencing with your dog or dogs can be solved fast. Usually in as little as one day!

Some common ones include:

  • Housebreaking (adult dogs and puppies)
  • Basics (sit, stay, come, heel, down)
  • Crate training
  • Jumping on people or other dogs
  • Chewing on inappropriate items
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Nipping & biting (adult dogs and puppies)
  • Marking
  • Depression
  • Hyper-sensitivity to noises
  • Possessiveness (people, beds, toys)
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Poor social manners with dogs
  • Aggression (food, toys, dogs, people, etc.)
  • Fearful tendencies
  • Shyness
  • Separation anxiety
  • Confinement phobia
  • Unreliable recall
  • Rescue & abused dog rehabilitation
  • Deaf, blind or handicapped dogs
  • Selective listening or non-responsive
  • Controlling hyper-energetic dogs
  • Boundaries (front door, streets, etc.)


Immediate Results.

With decades of experience under his belt, Duane’s advice is always grounded in proven humane training methods and his incredible intuition.

Save Time.

Lack the time to train your dog and can’t wait for results? Duane is the expert you need! Learn in one lesson what other trainers take weeks or months to teach you.

Guaranteed Effective.

Big or small, young or old, aggressive or timid, Duane’s proven training methods work for every dog. Even the worst behaved dog can be trained fast. He guarantees it.

Save Money.

Save money training your dog right the first time. Save even more money by taking advantage of current discounts and specials. Duane has a program to fit every budget.

Duane Overturf is one of California’s most experienced family dog trainers. He has studied all methods of training and their philosophies. By borrowing the best from each Duane has developed a unique approach called Dog Training with Love & Electronics.

Dog Training with Love & Electronics includes Behavior Balancing. A process that goes beyond typical dog training to bring out the socialable, well-balanced, self-assured, obedient, calm demeanor hidden in every healthy dog regardless of their current state of being.

Dog Training with Love & Electronics is for everyone with a dog that needs help. If you’re busy and want results yesterday you’ll appreciate the direct, no-nonsense approach to training.

What’s So Special About Training With Love & Electronics?

The 4C’s of dog training.

  • Compassion – understanding your dog’s responses to training feedback.
  • Clarity – learning how you can communicate more effectively.
  • Control – managing the environment to ensure training has the desired outcome.
  • Consistency – delivering timely and appropriate feedback.

Focusing on praise.

  • Praise is scientifically proven to be highest value reward for the majority of dogs.
  • Most people use praise ineffectively. Learn to use the most powerful positive reinforcement reward correctly.
  • Duane selects from many tools and rewards available to provide consistent and appropriate feedback.

Love & electronics.

  • Not just a “feel good” notion; training with love & electronics is a compassionate way of implementing proven humane training methods.
  • A practical way to train the way mother nature intended for your dog to learn.
  • Training with love & electronics is balanced, not all-positive, or reward-only based training.

Duane has mastered the art of Dog Training & Behavior Balancing.

Decades of study and experience have led to Duane’s customized training programs.

When you hire Duane you get Duane. You’ll always deal directly with Duane.

Give Duane your dog for 7 to 28 days and you’ll get back an obedient, transformed, better version of the dog you left. Experience first hand the difference that Dog Training with Love & Electronics can make in yours and your dog’s lives.

Duane also offers limited private lessons if you prefer to train your dog yourself.

Trusted by Stars

Duane has trained dogs for Caitlyn Jenner, Alyssa Milano, Paula Abdul, P!NK, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Ray Romano, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Frankie Avalon, Ron Cey and thousands of other amazing people with four-legged companions.

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with Polly & Moose.”

Ray Romano

Thank you for all your help with Bessie, Thumbelina, Charity, Tinker Bell, & Tulip… I’m so glad we ran into you. They are all doing much better now. I never would have thought I could get all of them house broken… it’s amazing. Thanks again,

Paula Abdul

Duane helped me train my rescue pup over the phone. Imagine what he can do in person with your dog! His approach to training is so effective and I am so happy he is coming back to California!

Mary Alongi

Duane is an amazing trainer. He literally changed my dogs behavior overnight. He is absolutely amazing kind and carrying. My dogs have become a well mannered social pack that I can take to any location without fear of any bad behavior.

Laurie Goldstein

Duane got our unruly dogs in line and made walking them a pleasurable experience. I never thought my dog would ever stop pulling. He also got my maladjusted chocolate lab to socialize much better. Duane is the best!

April Grossinger

Duane is an excellent trainer of dogs and relates very well to the dog owners. He is a responsible person who shows up on time and does what he says he is going to do. Our dogs love and respect him.

Steven Sapkin

“Dear Duane, Thank you so much for helping Rocky & Ninja behave better. You can see how they are sitting here being obedient.”

Mafi Leschuck

“I have known Duane Overturf in his professional capacity as dog trainer for close to 10 years. I have referred numerous clients to Duane, with positive results. I highly recommend Duane as a dog trainer.”

Dr. Mary Sherman DVM

Veterinarian, Veterinary Medical Center


Duane Overturf

Southern California’s Best Family Dog Trainer

Your Family Dog Should Be Your Best Companion

Duane has chosen to work only with family dogs. He welcomes difficult dogs that challenge him. Duane has a unique ability to read a dog’s subtle cues and behaviors. During his career he has used his behavior balancing methods and his unique abilities to:

  • Rehabilitate severely abused and traumatized dogs coming from a variety of situations including dog-meat farms.
  • Build confidence and impulse control in shy, timid, and fear aggressive dogs.
  • Teach individuals and families how to become a the leader and get multiple dogs listening and under control.
  • Teach dogs with various types of phobias how to tune out the unimportant stuff that is causing their anxieties.
  • Teach hyperactive dogs that are out of control to be calm and in control in any situation.

With Duane’s guidance, your family dog will truly become the best dog you can imagine. He guarantees it.

The Early Days

Duane was in high school in the ‘70s when he took his first dog – a Samoyed named Frosty – to a local training course. Duane loved seeing his relationship with his dog progress from lesson to lesson, and Frosty graduated with flying colors.

That experience had a big impact on Duane. It ignited a passion that led to a lifelong career of working with dogs.

Dog and Puppy Training Programs

With over 3 decades of dog training experience, Duane can help your dog to become the best they can be.

Private Lessons

Learn to train your dog yourself!

One-on-one training sessions customized to focus on you and your dog’s specific needs.

Learn in one lesson what group classes take weeks or even months to teach.

Initial lesson is 90 minutes and additional lessons are 1 hour.

Starting from


Ultimate Board & Train

Let Duane do everything for you!

Program Includes:

  • Nightly boarding & care
  • Daily obedience training
  • Supervised socializing & play
  • Lots of love and calmness training
  • Behavior Balancing

Starting from


Daily Bootcamp Training

Train your dog without boarding overnight!

Your dog receives many of the benefits of an Ultimate Board & Train program focusing on your dog’s specific needs in a daily bootcamp training.

Save on the boarding while Duane personally trains your dog.

Unavailable during COVID-19

For Current Promotions go to Programs & Prices

I Trained My Dog & He Still Won’t Listen!

What Do I Do Now?

For less than the price of a good dog bone, you receive the benefit of Duane’s 30+ years of training and expertise in this easy-to-follow guide. Let him take you through the steps and solutions for dozens of common canine behavioral issues. Read a sample chapter here.

Learn more about Training With Love & Electronics and Behavior Balancing…

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