What is Dog Training with Love and Electronics?

Dog training with Love and Electronics is the culmination of 40 years of training and study. It is Duane’s own trademarked approach to training and behavior balancing. It works at the core of behavior using the comfort of praise and our gentle loving touch for reward contrasted against the subtle discomfort of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and/or vibration to discourage unwanted and inappropriate behavior administered through a sophisticated collar. Unlike cheaper shock collars, modern high quality e-collars using TENS can be extremely effective and are generally used at ultra-low levels.

Why does Duane cost more than some other dog trainers?

Duane’s rates are based on what his piers in the industry charge. He is neither the least expensive nor the most expensive dog trainer you’ll find. Trainers with similar levels of experience all charge around the same rate as Duane. What you might ask is why are some trainers charging a lot less than others? The answer to that is probably that they have less experience or that they are new to the business. Knowledge – Duane’s advice and strategies are grounded in science. He has an in-depth working knowledge of many proven training methods and the science behind each of them. He has studied many training philosophies with his many clients and has borrowed the best from each to develop a unique and personalized method that is intuitive and simple for families to implement. Experience – With 40 years in the business, Duane Overturf is Southern California’s most experienced personal dog trainer. He knows how to take into account the personality of the owner, the age of the dog, the traits of the breed, and temperament of the dog he’s working with to achieve harmony.

What type of dog behavior issues can Duane correct?

Regardless of the program you enroll your dog or puppy in, any and all problem behaviors you are experiencing will be addressed. Some common ones include:
  • Housebreaking
  • Jumping
  • Chewing/destructive behavior
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Nipping/biting
  • Aggression
  • Shy/timid
  • Anxiety about separation, confinement or noises
  • Poor recall
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Rescue dog rehabilitation
These behaviors – and any others you would like to take care of – can be solved in any dog breed of any age. Big or small, young or old, aggressive or timid, Duane’s training method works for every dog. He guarantees it.

What is Training With Love?

It is the overarching philosophy that Duane bases his method on. Training With Love is not just a “feel good” notion; it is based in science and is a practical way to include compassion, humane methods, and an understanding of your dog’s needs into the training process. Training With Love taps into the way your dog naturally communicates, brings out the best in your dog, and avoids the unnecessary stress and frustration that clicker and treat-focused training methods cause.

What if our training sessions are finished and a problem with my dog resurfaces later on?

When you enroll in any of Duane’s training programs, he makes a lifetime commitment to your dog, and guarantees that your pooch will be an enjoyable, well-mannered member of your family. What does this mean for you, the dog owner?
  • Duane is available by phone if you ever have questions or concerns.
  • He will meet with you and your dog if a problem persists.
  • He will do whatever is necessary to help your dog be Your Best Companion.

What if I need to stop our lessons before we’ve used them all?

If for any reason you need to delay your training lessons, we can resume when you’re ready.

What if my dog is re-homed and we haven’t finished our training?

If a dog is re-homed, the remaining lessons can be transferred to the dog’s new owner.

What are the 4Cs of dog training?

During his decades of working with dogs, Duane developed what he calls the 4Cs of dog training. They are:
  • Compassion – understanding your dog’s needs and fears.
  • Clarity – a knowledge of how to teach and communicate effectively.
  • Control – managing both the training environment and one’s emotions to ensure effective training.
  • Consistency – providing reliable and predictable feedback to your dog.

What training methods has Duane studied?

Duane studied many popular methods with some big names in the dog training world:
  • Clicker Training with Gary Wilkes and other well-known experts in this method, including Morgan Spector, Kathy Sdao, and Karen Pryor.
  • The Koehler Method with Dani and Jim Canino.
  • The original e-collar training clinics by Tritronics (now Garmin).
  • Duane also studied Modeling, E-Touch, and has participated in dozens of courses offered by the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
Duane spent years learning the finer points of all these methods, and has taken the best of each to develop his own unique – and extremely effective – approach to dog training.