I Trained My Dog & He Still Won’t Listen!

What Do I Do Now?

Difficult Dog? You Need My Book!

Dog Training Made Easy

In just one evening of reading, you’ll learn more about how to train your dog than you could attending 8 weeks of group classes at most local pet stores. Learn about the essentials of training to get the results you want.

Myths Exposed

My book reveals the reality behind some of the biggest myths about effective training. Learn what’s missing from most dog training classes… Find out why technique shouldn’t be the most important focus… And much more!

Help With the Most Difficult Dog

People with particularly difficult or stubborn dogs will be amazed at the quick changes they’ll see. Following my advice will result in a reliable dog you can trust 100% of the time.

Train the Owner

Subtle things you do are noticed and interpreted by your dog. Learn how seemingly innocent things could be undermining your training efforts. Sometimes all it takes is one or two simple changes in you to see a big difference in your dog.

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Get Expert Results without Hiring a Trainer

If you have a difficult dog that’s hard to train, you need this book.

If you want expert result without hiring a trainer, you need this book.

If you want a reliable dog you can take anywhere, you need this book.

For less than the cost of a good dog bone ($9.99 for the Kindle edition), you get:

Clear, simple, and effective instructions.

Training tips that took me years to refine.

All the information you need to make your dog Your Best Companion.

In my 40 years of training I’ve worked with more than 14,000 four-legged friends and their families, and have tested – and proven – my methods with some of the most difficult dogs. With this book, you benefit from my decades of experience as I share all the information and tips you need to train your dog – any breed, age, or personality.

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What's in the Book?

When you purchase I Trained My Dog & He Still Won’t Listen! What Do I Do Now? you’ll find everything you need to train a polite, reliable dog.

Here’s an overview of the topics I cover in the book:

Chapter 1: Who Really Needs Training?
Chapter 2: Behavior 101
Chapter 3: The Porcupine Principle
Chapter 4: Selective Listening or Nature’s Design?
Chapter 5: Creating a Language That Fosters Reliable Listening
Chapter 6: Nothing in Life is Free
Chapter 7: Hidden Messages Behind the Basic Commands
Chapter 8: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 9: Consistency is Key
Chapter 10: Breaking Your Bad Habits

The Bottom Line…

If your goal is a dog that responds reliably and always behaves no matter what, then this is the only training book you need.

An investment of only $9.99 (Kindle edition) is all it takes to help your dog become Your Best Companion.

The bottom line is if you’re not willing to invest in your dog,
then maybe a goldfish is a better pet for you.

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