“Dear Duane, Thank you so very much for the good advice and training of Maggie and myself. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Maggie is improving, as you may have noted. I personally enjoyed the process, and will continue with the lessons that she and I learned from you. I find you a very special person, as well as a wonderful trainer. I will recommend you to anyone that I know or will meet that could benefit from your expertise. Hopefully the people that you met today will be in touch for their own happy experience in training their little friends. I will keep in touch. Wishing you and yours the best always. Sincerely, “ – Jackie Ross and Maggie too!!!

“Dear Duane, Thank you for all your help with Bessie, Thumbelina, Charity, Tinkerbell, & Tulip. You know I was rejected by Cesar Milan for the show because he didn’t think he could help me with Bessie. I’m so glad we ran into you. They are all doing much better now. I never would have thought I could get all of them house broken. Even though she still has a few issues, Bessie has improved so much it’s amazing. Thanks again,” Paula Abdul

“Duane: How are you? Did you move yet? I was talking to Andy Jacobson last week. We don’t really keep in touch anymore (awkward family stuff), but happened to last week. He wanted to tell you that the best money he ever spent was training his dog. All is well and they are very happy with him. Just another happy customer for you! “ – Tara

“Dear Duane, Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with Polly & Moose.” – Ray & Anna Romano

“Hi Duane~ I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did with Garrett and Buster. They run around and play at the dog park with the other dogs. And I’m not afraid to walk them. I never would have believed it. Thanks again, “ – Donna Yanotta

“Hi Duane~ Just a Hello from me and Emily, We are doing great and we are learning (experiencing) new things daily. Right now she is playing with her ball by rolling it down the stairs. Emily is such a pleasure for me that I would not have expected a year ago. I am glad I had sense enough to get help from the right person. We are working and playing together but the things she really knows the best are the first things you taught her, sit, down and she’s not boss. Thanks again, “ – Caroline Buchwald and Emily thanks you for teaching me how to listen to her!

“Hi Duane~ I just wanted to thank you for Toby, he’s a changed dog. I can actually pet him now and he can be a member of our family…and I really appreciate the hard work you did with him. Thanks a lot. “ – Kathy Stein

“Duane~ Thank you so much for the training you gave Buddy (and me!). The Vet no longer has to clear the office when I bring Buddy in. He will actually walk in and sit. I enjoy my walks with him now, and don’t feel I have to “scout” the neighborhood for other dogs before we set out. He is obedient and so much fun to be with. I also appreciate the training you gave me! By learning from you, I have been able to teach Buddy to do numerous tricks such as crawl, give me five, roll over, groan and pray. He’s very good at opening the sliding screen door, so I am going to work on teaching him to close the screen door. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also enjoyed our walks around the dog park and the information you shared with me regarding various health products. I would be very happy to be used as a reference for you if needed. Thank you, and congratulations on your approaching marriage! I wish the best for you and your bride. “ – Karen Carter

“Dear Duane, We are very happy for the work you’ve done with our dogs. We never thought we would bother training Joey, our Lhasa Apso, who is 10+ years old. We wanted the training for our new dog that is 2 years old. Joey was very stubborn to start with, but your efforts have paid off. He seems to enjoy the training now and is doing very well with it as is Cherry our little Shiba Inu. Thanks again,” – Shirley & Bee

“Dear Duane, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in training my two puppies. Your patience and good guidance have been wonderful. I have certainly gotten my money’s worth! Both of my puppies are a delight to be with and are so friendly to all. They come when they’re called, heel and sit, do some fun tricks and are eager to learn more. Thanks Again,” – Lindsay Jackson

“Dear Duane, Enid and I can not thank you enough for your expert ability and fabulous training. The experience we and Max (our Golden Retriever) had with you was simply terrific…we can not tell you how much we appreciated your patience, care and professionalism. Best Regards,” – Donald J. Raich Click here to read the entire letter

<“…I have known Duane Overturf in his professional capacity as dog trainer for close to 10 years. I have referred numerous clients to Duane, with positive results. I highly recommend Duane as a dog trainer. Sincerely,” – Mary Sherman, D.V.M. Veterinary Medical Center

“Dear Duane, We cannot thank you enough for the incredibly effective training you gave our dog Sierra, the Siberian Husky from Saugus, CA. We have enjoyed camping with her, an awesome beach trip and lots of great walks off leash. She has added so much joy to our lives instead of constant frustration. The picture (on right) was taken just a week after we completed our training with you. She stayed with us beautifully! Thanks so much,” – The Rishell Family

“Hi, Duane, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Kobe (our Akita) now, everything is just going so great. He’s in the house now almost all day and then he goes out every once in awhile. He’s so well behaved and the kids are happy to have him around now because he’s so much better. ” – Melinda Spunt (via telephone message)

“Hi, Duane, Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on Jumbuck. I was a little reluctant at first to invest in the training, but seeing the improvement and development of Jumbuck I have to say it was worth every penny, and if at some time Jumbuck needs a little booster course I shall look forward to it. ” – Johanne Zell

“…I have known Duane Overturf for more than 10 years. He has been my client all these years and we have developed a mutual respect for each other. He is a very sincere person and tries hard to be good at whatever he does. He has a genuine affection for animals and cares about the well-being of the animals under his care. He is an experienced breeder and dog trainer. I have referred quite a few of my clients to him for obedience training and I have consistently received favorable remarks on him. Thank you very much. Sincerely Yours, ” – Dr. Young Kim, D.V.M. Roswinn Pet Hospital

“Duane, Thanks for all your help with Maddie. In the past taking her on walks was a drag race, she raced and I dragged. Now it’s something we both enjoy. Before coming to you once she was off leash she was gone. This became a serious problem because of where she was running to, across airport runways! Now with your instruction she is becoming a dog I can trust off leash. Through your instruction I have the confidence to teach her what I want her to do. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Plus everything I’ve learned from you helps me with my other dogs as well. Thank you.” Ellie (and Maddie) Madison

“Dear Duane, I can’t thank you enough for the training you gave to me and my dogs early on. My rescue Puli, Baldwin, could not have become the titled agility dog without a basic knowledge of obedience. And my smooth Collie, Riley, is slowly turning around thanks to your training. It is impressive how you took into consideration each dog’s natural personality when training, which is what I believe makes all the difference. Now I can take my dogs anywhere with me without fear. The most amusing part of your training was how you had to train me! The things I learned from you have not only helped me in training my dogs, but in living my life! Thank you Duane. Here’s a picture of Baldwin getting another first place in Agility. He is now the #1 ranking Puli in the nation.” – Susan Hartzler

“Hi Duane, Thanks for your help with our little guy (Runner the miniature poodle). I thought we would never get him walking on a leash. He would sit down and refuse to budge with all the might of his 12 pounds! It was miraculous how you got him going after just one session. He now walks perfectly on his leash and we are converts to your dog training methods. Thanks! – Kiara and Wendy Geller, Studio City

Rocky & Ninja: Letter and photo from Mafi Leschuck, another happy client.

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