Dog and Puppy Training Programs

Programs that Fit Your Needs

Start With a Phone Call

Every client and dog has unique needs and circumstances. I like to start with a phone consultation to get a sense of the issues and goals you have for your dog. From there, I can determine the best options to fit your needs and budget (see list of services).

Give your dog a chance to be the best they can be.

Give me a call and tell me about your dog.

I offer several ways to save money including senior, student, military and cash discounts.

If your dog is a rescue from a shelter you’ll save a minimum of 10% off the rates below.

Phone consultations are always free, as are evaluations.

Give me a call. I might even have a tip you can try after we talk!


Dog and Puppy Training Programs

With decades of dog training experience, Duane will help your dog to become the best dog you’ve ever had.

Private Lessons

Learn to train your dog yourself!

One-on-one training sessions customized to focus on you and your dog’s specific needs. Learn in one lesson what some trainers take weeks or even months to teach.

Initial lesson is 2 – 3 hours and additional lessons are 1 hour.

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Ultimate Board & Train

Let me do everything for you!

Program Includes:

  • Nightly boarding & care
  • Daily bootcamp training
  • Supervised socializing & play
  • Lots of love and calmness training
  • Private follow-up lessons
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Daily Training

Train your dog without boarding!

Receive many of the benefits of an Ultimate Board & Train program focusing on your dog’s specific needs in daily bootcamp training.

Sold in 5-lesson bundles. Save on the boarding while I personally train and socialize your dog.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are focused on teaching YOU to train your dog. With my expert hands-on guidance, you will learn what works for your dog in terms of strategies, tools, and rewards. Find out what you’re doing wrong, doing well and could be doing better.

All clients start with a 2+ hour initial lesson to determine a course of action and implement it. For many families this will be the only lesson needed to get things under control. If needed, additional lessons are 1 hour each. By the time you’ve finished your Private Lessons, you can expect your dog to:

  • Have good manners in all social situations with people and dogs.
  • Come without hesitation every time you call.
  • Walk calmly on a loose leash through a crowd of people.
  • Automatically stop at all streets for permission before entering.
  • Wait for permission before exiting the front door of your house.

Private Lesson Prices:

 In-home Initial 2+hour lesson: $300
In-home additional 1 hour lesson: $150

Dog Park additional 1 hour lesson: $150

Save money by coming to me for the lessons.

Come to me first lesson: $200
Come to me additional 1 hour lesson: $100

Dog Park additional 1 hour lesson: $150

I specialize in personalized board & train programs conducted in my home. I work with only one dog at a time, and focus on behavior balancing, centering their demeanor by providing consistent feedback while they live in a home environment like they’ll be returning to. I have the ability to do more with your dog in less time than any other trainer. Your dog will return so much calmer, better behaved and responsive you will wonder if it’s the same dog.

While each dog’s training is different, a typical day may include walking to the local school and being around children; visiting a local coffee shop to work on sitting calmly while meeting people and dogs; visits to a nearby pet store to learn socialization skills and to listen around lots of distractions. Longer programs (3 to 4 weeks) include visiting the off-leash dog park or O’Melveny Park for off-leash training.

Programs range from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on your dog and your goals. After your dog’s training is complete, you and your family receive a follow-up lesson to ensure a smooth transition back to your care.

Ultimate Board & Train Prices:

Dog Over 5 months: $150/day

Dog Under 5 months: $120/day

Ultimate Board & Train

Daily Training

Daily Training offers many of the same benefits of the Ultimate Board & Train program with the expense of boarding overnight. My focus is to build strong habits so that your dog will behave better anywhere you go with them. I work them in all the basic obedience commands as well as improve their social manners.

Daily Training packages are sold in bundles of 5 lessons. The price is discounted when you purchase multiple bundles (10 lessons or more). Lessons do not have to be on consecutive days – we will schedule them on the days that work best.

Drop off your dog in Granada Hills between 8:00 and 10:00 am, and return to pick them up between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Pick-up and drop off service can be arranged.

Daily Training Prices:

5 lessons: $600
Additional 5 lessons: $550