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Super Reliable Off-Leash Obedience...

Yes, reliable off-leash listening can be achieved with any dog. Being one of the very first dog trainers in Southern California to learn the principles of e-collar training over 35 years ago, I have the experience to turn even the most problematic dogs into well behaved canine good citizens. Give your dog the gift of freedom with off-leash training that really works.

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Bad Behaviors Gone In One Lesson?

Modifying a behavior you don’t like can be challenging and test your patience. Most problem behaviors can be eliminated in one single lesson if the approach is right. This includes pulling on the leash, jumping up, bolting out open doors, stealing food, etc.

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Professional, Reliable, & Affordable Service

Training should be fun for you and your dog. It should also be effective and give long term results and a highly reliable listener in any situation. My training is based in the latest science combined with decades of hands on experience working thousands of family dogs.

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Free Consultations

Schedule a free consultation and receive a professional assessment regarding your dogs training and behaviour. Free consultations are done in Granada Hills.

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Your Best Companion Has Been Providing Professional Dog Training in Los Angeles & Ventura Counties For Over 35 Years.

Cities serviced include Agoura, Agoura Hills, Agua Dulce, Altadena, Arcadia, Arleta, Arcadia, Arleta, Atwater Village, Bel Air, Bell Canyon, Box Canyon, Burbank, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Canyon Country, Caustic, Chatsworth, Crescenta Highlands, Culver City, Eagle Rock, Encino, Glassell Park, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, Hidden Valley, Highland Park, Hollywood, La Canada, La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Ladera Heights, Lake Balboa, Lake Sherwood, Lake View Terrace, Los Angeles, Malibu, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Mariposa, Mission Hills, Montrose, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Newhall, NoHo Arts District, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Oak Park, Pacific Palisades, Tacoma, Panorama City, Pasadena, Pelanconi, Playa Del Rey, Porter Ranch, Reseda, San Marino, Santa Monica, Saugus, Sepulveda, Shadow Hills, Sherman Oaks, Sierra Madre, Simi Valley, Somerset, South Pasadena, Stevenson Ranch, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sunland, Sylmar, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Toluca Lake, Toluca Terrace, Topanga, Topanga Canyon, Tujunga, Valencia, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Venice, Verdugo City, Warner Center, West Hills, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Winnetka and Woodland Hills. I also accept dogs for board and train programs from any location.

Over 8,000 Dogs & Families Trained To Live Happily Together

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A Personalized Approach Makes All The Difference

My focus is the opposite of many trainers and training facilities. Rather than hiring outside trainers to train lots of dogs for a cheap price I cater to those people that want the best results in a short time. To achieve balance and harmony in your home and elsewhere I tailor a course specifically for your dog and family. The goal is to bring out the best in your dog, allowing their personality to be expressed fully while also teaching them the priorities that will keep them safe in an urban world and have them be welcomed everywhere you take them. Learning how to display proper leadership, show your love, administer discipline and provide play in the right amounts and at the right time restores the balance. When I start training in a home with a new puppy the balance needed to coexist harmoniously is taught from the beginning, never allowing things to get of out balance. Family members become the surrogate parents and need to know what is appropriate to do when a puppy bites, chews, growls, steals things, etc..

I specialize in very personal board and train programs in my home for a few dogs at a time, followed up with working with you, your dog and your family to complete the training process. My home board and train program is the most personalized and effective training available at any price. I personally train your dog or puppy in my home and correct any behaviour problems while they live with me. The full program is 4 weeks with 1, 2 and 3 week programs also available depending on what is needed and your goals. You and your family will learn how to control your dog and become their benevolent leader. Your dog will listen promptly because they know it is in their best interest to do so.

I also offer private lessons in your home or at my place in Granada Hills. Private lessons will instruct you on how to train your dog yourself. You will learn the proper use of any tools and rewards we decide will be used to train your dog. Most of my clients do 4 lessons for leash training and 3 more for off-leash training if their goal is a reliable dog on or off leash. When finished with training you can expect your dog to hang out calmly at a Starbucks while you have a cup of coffee and not go crazy if another dog or person walks by. You can expect your dog to come without hesitation every time you call them to you and you can expect your dog to walk calmly on a loose leash through a crowd of people or anywhere else you take them.

Give me a call and tell me about your dog or puppy. I can help with whatever it is.

Consultations are always free and I might have a tip you can try after we hang up.

Fast, Effective, Reliable

Training Dogs Professionally For 39 Years

Private Training Prices In Granada Hills

A Travel Surcharge Applies To All Areas For In-Home Service

Call Me For A Quote For Training In Your Home

2 Hour Intensive

Behavior Modification
  • Get a handle on most things happening with your dog with a 2 hour long in-home intensive training lesson focused on your dog and their specific needs.
  • This is ideal for busy people or families that do not have time for a group class to resolve a behaviour problem and want fast, professional, permanent results.
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1/2 Day Intensive

Behavior & Training
  • This 3.5 hour, 1/2 day intensive training lesson will cover everything from basic obedience and walking calmly to dealing with most minor and major behavior problems.
  • Ideal for busy families that want immediate results and can follow through with instructions without the need for weekly follow up visits.
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Basic Training

Obedience & Manners
  • Four 75 minute private lessons for any age dog teaching general manners, socialization and all the basic commands including walking calmly on a loose leash everywhere.
  • We also resolve common behavior problems including housetraining, chewing, jumping, stealing items and food, resource guarding, etc..
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Off-Leash Training

  • Four lessons at the Sepulveda Basin Dog Park focused on off-leash listening to commands, socializing, general manners. Dog must have good leash obedience.
  • Learn the proper way to use a remote training collar to achieve a remarkably high level of reliability in your dogs listening to the basic commands off leash.
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Boarding & Training Programs

Your Dog Trained By Me Personally

Ultimate Training #1

Basic Training On Leash...
  • Covers leash obedience and the commands to sit, stay, come, heel and lie down.
  • I train your dog at my home for 7 days and meet with you at the end of the course at your home to teach you how to walk and control your newly trained dog.
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Ultimate Training #2

Basic Training & Behavior Mod...
  • Covers leash obedience commands and general manners in and out of the home.
  • I train your dog in my home for 14 days and meet you twice at your home to follow-up. Problem behaviours are solved in training.
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Ultimate Training #3

Off Leash Board & Train
  • Covers everything in the complete package private lesson course.
  • I train your dog in my home for three weeks and meet with you for three follow-up lessons. Problem behaviours & on and off-leash obedience commands are taught.
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Ultimate Training #4

Complete Board & Train Program
  • Covers everything in the complete package private lesson course.
  • I train your dog in my home for 28 days and meet with you for 4 follow-ups. This course allows for habits to begin forming for an easy transition home.
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Save Money With These Discounts

10% Senior Discount

Save 10% on any training program if you are over 65 years of age. Can be combined with cash discount.

3% Cash Discount

Save 3% off of the final price of your dogs training program by paying in cash for the course. Can be used with other discounts.

5% Multi-Dog Discount

Save 5% on a boarding and training program when you enroll 2 dogs into training at the same time. Can be combined with cash discount.

What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

“Dear Duane,

Thank you for all your help with Bessie, Thumbelina, Charity, Tinkerbell, & Tulip. You know I was rejected by Cesar Milan for the show because he didn’t think he could help me with Bessie. I’m so glad we ran into you. They are all doing much better now. I never would have thought I could get all of them house broken. Even though she still has a few issues, Bessie has improved so much it’s amazing. Thanks again,”

Paula Abdul

“Hi Duane,

Thanks for your help with our little guy, Runner, the miniature poodle. I thought we would never get him walking on a leash. He would sit down and refuse to budge with all the might of his 12 pounds! It was miraculous how you got him going after just one session. He now walks perfectly on his leash and we are converts to your dog training methods.


Kiara & Wendy Gellar

I first met Duane Overturf over 15 years ago, when he came to my home to train my dog Jumbuck. He assessed the dog immediately before deciding on the training. Training in the dog park followed the training at home. Apart from my dog having a wonderful character, he turned out to be one of my best dogs regarding obedience and reliability.

About two years later he also came to our home to train Jumbuck’s companion, a totally different type of dog, who also understood very quickly what was required of him. Duane has a knack for getting dogs to feel relaxed and make training enjoyable. He is very reliable, thorough, and I enjoyed working with him.

Johanne Zell

Duane is Amazing! He has worked with 4 of our dogs and we are ready for him with our new puppy. We have tried others and none compare, We really like his approach to raising and training our dogs. Thanks Duane!

Tiffany B.

Duane helped teach us how to work with our Shepard mix. Our beautiful pet was crazy hyper and didn’t want to listen. With Duane’s guidance, she now listens and is the best dog. I highly recommend Duane for dog training.

Tara Katibah

Duane helped me train my rescue pup over the phone. Imagine what he can do in person with your dog! His approach to training is so effective and I am so happy he is coming back to California!

Mary Alongi

Duane is an amazing trainer. He literally changed my dogs behavior overnight. He is absolutely amazing kind and carrying. My dogs have become a well mannered social pack that I can take to any location without fear of any bad behavior.

Laurie Goldstein

“Dear Duane,

Thank you so much for helping Rocky & Ninja behave better. You can see how they are sitting here being obedient.”


Mafi Leschuck

“Dear Duane,

Thank you so very much for the good advice and training of Maggie and myself. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Maggie is improving, as you may have noted. I personally enjoyed the process, and will continue with the lessons that she and I learned from you. I find you a very special person, as well as a wonderful trainer. I will recommend you to anyone that I know or will meet that could benefit from your expertise. Hopefully the people that you met today will be in touch for their own happy experience in training their little friends. I will keep in touch.

Wishing you and yours the best always.”


Jackie Ross

I’ve always been a cat person. So when I fell in love with my newborn puppy, Poke, I had absolutely no idea how to care for and train my new-found BFF. Enter my friend, Duane Overturf, who offered to help.

Poke was almost a year old and had some very bad habits. The first hour we spent with Duane, Poke learned 3 very important commands: Sit, down and NO! Duane explained how dogs learn and the best ways for me to reinforce what he already knew.

Duane makes sure that not only the dog learns but also the dog owner so that the relationship between the two becomes very, very strong.

Poke has had only 4 sessions with Duane so far and I can truthfully say he has gone way beyond my expectations. He no longer jumps on everyone he sees. He minds me when I say NO. He comes when I call. He sits and loves to shake hands. He’s still having a little trouble with the command “stay” but I have a feeling it’s more stubbornness than anything.

I highly recommend Duane Overturf for anything relating to canine behavior and training. He is a Professional with a capital “P”!

Charlene Gellar

When our beagle puppy ran out of our front door every time we opened it, jumped on our table to eat our dinner before we could get to it, and growled at us when we tried to discipline him, we knew we needed professional help with his training. I searched for a while and interviewed several trainers, and chose to go with Duane because he made us and our dog feel comfortable from the first time we met him, and he has a friendly and re-assuring approach.

Duane came over once a week and trained me to train my dog in between those meetings. It didn’t take long before Bandit walked besides me off the leash during our daily walks and was a perfect member of our household. Thank you, Duane, for helping make Bandit the happy, well-behaved dog he now is!

Monique Klarich

Dear Duane,

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with Polly & Moose.”

Ray Romano

“Dear Duane,

I can’t thank you enough for the training you gave to me and my dogs early on. My rescue Puli, Baldwin, could not have become the titled agility dog without a basic knowledge of obedience. And my smooth Collie, Riley, is slowly turning around thanks to your training. It is impressive how you took into consideration each dog’s natural personality when training, which is what I believe makes all the difference. Now I can take my dogs anywhere with me without fear. The most amusing part of your training was how you had to train me! The things I learned from you have not only helped me in training my dogs, but in living my life! Thank you Duane. Here’s a picture of Baldwin getting another first place in Agility. He is now the #1 ranking Puli in the nation.”

Susan Hartzler

Hi, my name is Laura. I signed up for a ‘group’ dog training class in the San Fernando Valley. I highly recommend Duane Overturf for your dog training needs! Duane always had a great attitude! His handling of each dog was consistent and with a gentle authority. You could tell, he knew what he was doing. It amazed me how quickly dogs responded to his commands. Duane had total control of each situation at hand. Also, behaviors such as; a barking problem, chewing problem, digging problem, etc. – Duane had training techniques that conquered each one. He made dog training look easy! I was extremely impressed with how well all the owners and dogs did at the end of the course! Now that’s a G O O D D O G ! Oh, and anytime I had a question, I called Duane and he took the time, walked me through the problem step by step, making sure I understood and was confident I could handle the situation before hanging up the phone. Duane is an outstanding dog trainer!

Laura Digilio

Duane got our unruly dogs in line and made walking them a pleasurable experience. I never thought my dog would ever stop pulling. He also got my maladjusted chocolate lab to socialize much better. Duane is the best!

April Grossinger

Duane trained my golden retriever Jacob and myself many years ago. The reason why I say he trained my dog and me is because he gives you the tools to continue training on your own. I had 5 private sessions with him and Jacob was the most well trained dog that I have ever owned. It was totally worth the investment! Duane is knowledgeable, patient , kind yet assertive when necessary. He is truly a dog whisperer! I will definitely use Duane again in the future.

Sharon Cohen

Duane is an excellent trainer of dogs and relates very well to the dog owners. He is a responsible person who shows up on time and does what he says he is going to do. Our dogs love and respect him.

Steven Sapkin

“Dear Duane,

We cannot thank you enough for the incredibly effective training you gave our dog Sierra, the Siberian Husky from Saugus, CA. We have enjoyed camping with her, an awesome beach trip and lots of great walks off leash.

She has added so much joy to our lives instead of constant frustration.

The picture was taken just a week after we completed our training with you. She stayed with us beautifully!

Thanks so much,”

The Rishell Family

“I have known Duane Overturf in his professional capacity as dog trainer for close to 10 years. I have referred numerous clients to Duane, with positive results. I highly recommend Duane as a dog trainer.”


Dr. Mary Sherman DVM

Veterinarian, Veterinary Medical Center

We hired Duane to help train our Pomeranian Boingo. Duane met with us to discuss the process. He came prepared with a nice training course binder for us to keep. This is helpful to refer to later! We quickly learned that dog training is largely people training too. I wasn’t expecting that, but it makes perfect sense. Dogs are creatures of habit it’s true so the training is hands on with the people too. Duane impressed us with his thorough knowledge of dog training as well as his professionalism. He is also very kind and caring. I would recommended him to anyone who has a dog in the family.

Cordell Webb

Duane is exceptional – made a huge difference to our family as we were raising babies & puppies & needed the expertise of Duane to sync in everyone.

Always think he should have a show on TV as he is the real deal.

I highly recommend Duane who is firm & yet so incredibly loving & shows puppies / dogs the way forward.

Duane goes above & beyond.

Sarah & Steven Gatto

Duane Overturf speaks dog! He is an excellent dog trainer and a really great guy. I highly recommend Duane for all your dog training needs. He has helped me with several of my dogs, including Baldwin who was the #1 Puli in agility in America. The obedience Baldwin learned with Duane helped him excel in agility and everything he did, including visiting children in the hospital as a therapy dog.

Susan Hartzler

Duane is a magician! He worked with me to train Mystic when she was a pup and now at 13 years old, people still marvel at how well-behaved she is. We have had several offers to buy her from us because of her manners. Duane is patient and has so much experience and knowledge. This is not the typical group training from your local big box pet supply house. It is personal, one on one, and customized to the specific issues or needs of the client. I can’t imagine a better partner in properly training a dog to be a well-mannered member of the family.

Amber T.

My Guarantee

When you enroll your dog in any training program I offer, I have a lifetime commitment to your dog that he or she becomes an enjoyable, well mannered member of your family. Within the confines of the type of course you’ve selected I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to achieve this goal. In order for me to accomplish this, there are some things I would like for you to do… Should you encounter problems with your dog while you are dog training or after you have completed your lessons, telephone me immediately. We will discuss the problem and I will advise you. If this does not solve the problem, we will schedule a time as soon as possible for us to meet. If you find it necessary to put a hold on your dog and puppy training lessons for any reason, you can resume the dog training lessons when you’re ready. If you decide to place your dog in another home you can transfer the remaining dog training lessons to the dog’s new owner if they are in the area I service. This is not the limit to my guarantee. If these things don’t get the job done, we will improvise. When I say that I am committed to your owning a wonderful dog I am serious. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

Please read my client testimonials to see what they thought of my services as a Los Angeles Dog Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Credit cards?

Yes, I accept visa, master card, american express credit cards, cash and checks.

Do you work with rescue dogs?

Yes, I have extensive experience working with rescue dogs. Be they shy, timid, aggressive or abused, most dogs can be rehabilitated to lead a relatively normal life in a suitable home environment with committed owners.

What area do you service?

All of the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Moorpark, the Conejo Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley and Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, and north to Camarillo.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade to a different program from what you initially decided on.

Do you use food in your training?

Yes, I sometimes use food in training if it is a good match with the owner and the dog is motivated by food. Food can be an excellent reward for many dogs and very useful when teaching new behaviors. If you do not want to use food in training your dog that is not a problem. There are other highly effective ways to train without using food.

Do you use collars in your training?

Yes I usually use some type of training collar when training. Remote training collars can have a place in training and are particularly useful in replacing unwanted behaviours with wanted behaviours and in helping to create reliability. Todays electronic collars have many features including built in clickers for marking moments you want to reinforce from a distance, vibration for positive reinforcement and “tens” stimulation like that used to relieve people of chronic pain disorders or rehabilitate muscles in physical therapy. They are safe and can be very effective when used properly by an experienced trainer. I also use other types of collars which I match to the dog and the owner. That is to say that the collar I use on a dog with one person may not be the same as I would use on that same dog with a different owner with a different demeanour. As one of the most experienced e-collar trainers in southern California I have mentored many younger trainers over the past 4 decades in the proper use of e-collars and low level stimulation.

Do you use clickers in your training?

Yes, I sometimes use clickers in my training. More importantly, I use the principle behind what the click represents in my training 100% of the time. Clickers are a great tool and can be used to help accomplish many things. However, they may not be the best tool for a lot of families for a variety of reasons which I am able to determine during the initial consultation. The fundamental principle behind the use of the clicker is an important element of training though and cannot be ignored. If you do not want to use a clicker in your training that is perfectly fine as it is a rarity for me to use except for teaching service dogs complex behaviors.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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